A little more about me...

I have spent 28 years, so far, working for the Federal Government.  During those years, I grew

from a fresh-out-of-college mechanical engineer through multiple job positions of growing

responsibility to the role of senior executive I hold today.  In that time I got married and had

three wonderful children with my beautiful wife.  I worked hard to maintain a work-life balance. 

But I did not always succeed.  I corrected when I needed to and developed a better understanding

of my priorities.  That understanding has allowed me to maintain the balance I desire to this day.


I have also found over the years that I really enjoy helping others find their path.  I am trained as a Spiritual Director to help others on their faith journey and became a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) to coach people through their life and leadership journeys.  Today, I am happy to provide, leadership, life and spiritual coaching.  I find great fulfillment in helping others succeed in these areas as they define success.  As a Coach and Spiritual Director, I hold true to the belief that his journey is about you.  It is not about me.

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